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Anti-mole netting TALPA also available in 1x100 m

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It is a nightmare for any lawn lover, large black molehills that mar the beautiful green lawn. To prevent this, the anti-mole netting Talpa is the solution. This extruded net with a mesh size of 17x17 mm is placed under the turf when laying the lawn. This prevents the mole from pushing up the ground while digging its tunnel system.

How to apply? Our advice:

  • Apply the mole netting directly under the turf after rolling and leveling the soil
  • When sowing the lawn, dig and level the soil at least 10 cm
  • Roll out the mesh tightly along the length of the garden
  • Secure the edges of the mesh with ground pegs every 2-3 meters. This is to prevent openings and unevenness
  • Overlap the other lane by approx. 20 cm
  • Bury the edges of the mesh by 1 m, perpendicular to the bottom.


  • Mole mesh does not protect against rodents
  • Avoid mechanical damage during construction

In addition to the new size 1x100 m, the Talpa anti-mole mesh is also available from stock in the dimensions 0.5x300 m, 1 - 2 - 4 x 200 m. Are you interested in including this article in your assortment or are you on look for other items, please contact us. We are happy to help you.

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