Jute? Yes of course

You only have to open the newspapers for it, or follow a discussion program on TV, the worries about the climate are increasing. People are getting more and more aware that we have to be careful with our earth. Since it needs less water, maintenance, pesticides, and fertilization to yield significant crops, jute (or burlap) is an agricultural eco-friendly and sustainable asset. Jute is biodegradable and 100% compostable, so an eco-friendly material.

Howitec also has various jute items in its range:

Ranka Jute, a 100% biodegradable support mesh
# Article number: 903330
# Size: 2x5 m
# Order unit: per 30 packages
# In stock

Umbra Jute, cloth to be used as a shadecover, frost protection cloth and more.
# Article number: 904233
# Size: 3x1.2 m
# Order unit: per 10 packages
# On request

Ronda Jute, jute mulching discs that prevents the growth of weeds and moss
# Article number 904231
# Size: 28 cm Ø
# Thickness: 5 mm
# Packing unit: 10 pieces
# Order unit: per 10 packages
# In stock

Are you interested in including these items in your assortment or are you looking for other jute items, please contact us. We would be pleased to help you.

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