Netting for the true toad migration

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In the fall, toads and other amphibians migrate to their wooded wintering area and then disappear for several months under tree stumps, wood piles or in holes in the ground. This autumn migration is less massive than the spring migration, but here too many of these amphibians are killed when crossing busy roads.

To prevent this, toad nets are placed along busy crossings.

Our true toad netting Quadra 135MTE is made of a knitted tape fabric. At the top there is a row of buttonholes through which a fastening thread can be tensioned. It also has a folding edge 19 cm from the bottom. The toads stay in this edge, they cannot jump or crawl over the net. In this way, they are quick and easy to recognize and then they can be safely placed on the other side of the road by people.

Once the toad migration is over, the net can easily be removed, folded and saved for the next toad migration.

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