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New in our assortment VASPA Wasps Netting

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Wasps are often attracted to the (almost) ripe grape bunches. The grape sugars in the grapes have a huge attraction for these insects, but also for birds. As a result, both the wasps and the birds eat the fruits and the grapes can no longer be used. To prevent this, we have included the VASPA Wasp netting in our range from today.

This turquoise-green net, made of strong monofilament, is stretched along the grape bushes at the height of the grape bunches. The net has buttonholes and can therefore be easily attached with VASPA Clips (also available). In short, a sustainable solution in the fight against wasp infestation.

The technical details of VASPA
Material: UV stabilized HDPE, monofilament
Weight: approx. 45 gr/m²
Mesh size: approx. 2x7 mm
Shading: approx. 17%
Color: turquoise green
Equipped with edge reinforcement and buttonholes every 4 cm
Dimensions: 0.75x250 m, 0.9x250 m and 1x250 m

The technical details of VASPA Clip
Material: plastic
Shape: oval
Dimensions 25x45 mm
Order unit per 500 pieces

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