No breaking strawberry stalks

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For many strawberry growers it's time for crop rotation. Everything has to be prepared for the new growing season. For the strawberry growers (substrate cultivation) we have the support net Fraga 53T in our range.

After the flowering phase of strawberries, the fruit is formed from each flower, and a flower stem can bear several fruits at the same time. The stem must therefore bear a not inconsiderable amount of weight. The Fraga 53T support net supports the stems to which the flowers and fruits are attached.

The net with a width of 12 cm has an open structure, which minimizes the risk of mold growth. The truss support net is stretched parallel to the strawberry plants, so that the strawberry bouquets rest on the net. Besides there will be no kinked flower stems anymore. Kinking flower stems reduce the quality of the strawberry; the fruit becomes less juicy and tastes sour.

Technical data Fraga 53T:
Material: UV-stabilized HDPE, tape
Weight: approx. 53 g / m²
Color white
Light transmission: approx. 85%
Width: 12 cm
Length: 1000 m
Order unit: per roll

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