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The tree fruits, such as acorns and nuts, are harvested as soon as they are ripe and fall from the husks. This takes about 2-3 weeks per variety. The seed collection nets are placed under the trees before then, so that the tree fruits fall on the net. In this way they can be collected very easily. In addition, you prevent them from lying in the wet grass for too long and thereby prevent rot and mold.

Howitec has three different types of seed collecting nets in its range:

Protecta 30T
This dark green net made of HDPE tape fabric and weighs only 30 gr/m². The material has a fine knitted structure so that the tree fruits remain on the material. Protecta 30T is available in 3 different widths, namely 2, 4 and 8 meters and the length of the net is 100 meters. Protecta 30T - Seed Collecting Net

Howicover Green
This seed collecting net is also made of an HDPE tape fabric, but has a smaller mesh size and is therefore heavier than the Protecta 30T, namely 38 grams per square meter. However, Howicover Green is only available in one size, namely 13x100 m, where stock is currently limited. Howicover Green- Seed Collecting Net

Columba Plus
The seed collection net Columba Plus is made of a strong woven monofilament and is therefore very suitable for heavier tree fruits. The net has a mesh size of 5x7 mm and weighs only 35 gr/m². Columba Plus Seed Collecting Net:

Are you interested to include these items in your range or are you looking for other items, please contact us. We are happy to assist you.

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