Goalnet mini 1,2x0,8x0,7x0,7 m

Football is played on a playing field of approximately 100 metres long and 50 metres wide. However, during training and by the youngest players a smaller space with smaller goals is often used. For these so-called mini goals, goal nets are necessary that are fitting in terms of size. Howitec Netting is the right place to be. We have the proper net for all types of (mini) football goals! This football goal net is of excellent quality.

For every goal a fitting goal net

The youngest mini-pupils play with small goals, also called mini goals. Also other teams, both seniors and juniors, are using these goal during training. It is therefore important that the correct goal nets are attached. When choosing this football goal net mini by Howitec Netting, you make the right choice. The net is available in two different mesh widths and can be delivered in the green colour. The football goal net mini is made of strong material, namely polypropylene. Order now at Howitec Netting!


Article nr.
1,2x0,8x0,7x0,7 m
mesh 100 mm, yarn 3 mm Ø
1,2x0,8x0,7x0,7 m
mesh 45 mm, yarn 3 mm Ø

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Goalnet mini 1,2x0,8x0,7x0,7 m
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Goalnet mini 1,2x0,8x0,7x0,7 m
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