Protecta 30T Seedbed Net 

Are you afraid your crops will burn due to too much or too bright sunlight and is that the reason why you are looking for a screen mesh with a high protective factor? You have come to the right place. The Seedbed Net Protecta 30T prevents burning caused by bright light and additionally offers protection against rain and gusts of wind. The spraying of sand is also prevented with this type of mesh. You stretch this seedbed net effortlessly on top of your crops because it is a lightweight in our assortment. This type is made of band-material as a result of which it is a flexible and manageable canvas.

Large sizes for fields

Seedbed Net Protecta 30T is ideally suitable for large fields that all have to be protected. You order our standard sizes with the dimensions 2x100 m, 4x100 m and 8x100 m. Due to the higher protective factor your crops are also better protected in comparison to a monofilament net of similar weight. Ask for more information today by contacting us.


Article nr.
2x100 m
shading 37%
4x100 m
shading 37%
8x100 m
shading 37%

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Protecta 30T Seedbed Net 
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Protecta 30T Seedbed Net 
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