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Waterpolo Goalnet 3x1x0,8x0,8 m

Waterpolo is a sport whereby the ball is often thrown against the net at high speed. At least, that is the intention of the game. It is therefore important to have a high-quality waterpolo goalnet that catches the ball and is robust. Given the fact that waterpolo is played in the water, the material of the waterpolo goalnet must also be suitable for that purpose. You can order two colour variants at Howitec Netting.

Product description

A waterpolo goal has standard measurements, which means a waterpolo goalnet also has a fixed size (three metres by one metre). The net in the assortment of Howitec has a depth of 80 centimetres both at the top and at the bottom. The waterpolo goalnet by Howitec Netting is made of knotless polypropylene. You can choose from the colours green and white. Contact the team of Howitec when you want to order the product. We will also gladly assist you when you have questions or specific demands.


Article nr.
3x1x0,8x0,8 m
mesh 120 mm, yarn 3 mm Ø
3x1x0,8x0,8 m
mesh 120 mm, yarn 3 mm Ø

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Waterpolo Goalnet 3x1x0,8x0,8 m
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Waterpolo Goalnet 3x1x0,8x0,8 m
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