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Howitec Netting is your partner in the area of nets. For every purpose we deliver a customised net. Our slogan ‘’Nets for every purpose!’’ covers the entire subject both literally and figuratively. Literally, because we deliver nets to score in any goal. Figuratively, because we are able to provide you with nets and meshes for every imaginable application. Whether it involves an agri- and horticultural, sportive or technical application, Howitec Netting always delivers the proper nets.

Nets for several purposes

In the agri- and horticultural sector, many are dealing with external influences that may affect your crops. Think about insects, birds and other animals, but also weather and wind are playing a significant role. In order to protect your crops against these influences, a net or mesh is the solution. Howitec Netting has a large range of nets and meshes that offer optimum protection.

Nets are also essential in the sporting area. Many sports are using a goal to score and to stop balls. A goal net therefore is a must. But also for other sports such as volleyball, badminton and tennis, a net is important to properly divide the playing field. Howitec Netting delivers sports nets in several colours and sizes for every sports application. Our assortment also contains nets and meshes for usage during transport. You can cover your containers with a customised net. This way your goods remain well protected and can be transported in a secure manner.

Choose for the right size

Howitec Netting offers an extensive assortment of standard nets and meshes, but is obviously also able to make nets entirely customised. This means you are always ensured of a fitting net. We only deliver to distributive trade and wholesale companies. For more extensive information, samples, prices, delivery times and specific questions you can email (verkoop@howitec.nl) or call us (+31 515 700 500).

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