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All you have to do is open the newspaper or watch a current affairs program on TV, the energy crisis is now indispensable. Everyone has and will have to deal with this.

Horticulture is also facing uncertain times. In order to save energy, many growers heat the greenhouses less, turn off the lights or even not use the greenhouses. In addition, there is currently also a study to extend the energy saving obligation to greenhouse horticulture.

Howicover in greenhouses
The multifunctional climate cloth Howicover is increasingly being used in greenhouses. The crops in the greenhouses are covered with Howicover and under this climate cloth a microclimate with a higher temperature than the ambient temperature is created. In this way, the growth and development of plants is stimulated and energy is saved.

Howicover multifunctional
Howicover is therefore much more than just a frost protection cover. It prevents stress on plants through less fluctuations in temperature and humidity, it protects against larger insects, birds and field animals. The formation of mold is also limited because condensation is prevented. And above all, it is a durable and effective solution because it can be used for several years.

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