Upgrade Ornata Light 2.0, the lightweight and woven insect netting

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Protect crops against insect pests with the Ornata Light 2.0 insect netting

Five years ago, in 2019, Howitec Netting developed the woven, lightweight, and fine-meshed Ornata Light. Emerging pest insects in open field vegetable cultivation such as leek miner fly, flea beetle, cabbage maggot, cabbage, root, and leek flies are effectively deterred by direct coverage with this insect netting.

Ornata Light is also used in arable farming against virus-transmitting aphids in seed potatoes and against the chicory miner fly in chicory and endive.

To use this insect netting even more widely against smaller pest insects, we have further developed this mesh. The mesh now features a narrower and elongated mesh; Ornata Light 2.0 - NEW!

Due to popular demand, especially from organic open-field vegetable cultivation, we now also offer this new mesh in smaller widths in our range.

In short, the characteristics of Ornata Light:

  • woven insect netting
  • specifically for direct coverage of crops
  • deterrence of smaller pest insects
  • made from 100% HDPE
  • very thin wire approx. 0.15 mm Ø
  • lightweight: approx. 45 gr/m²
  • narrow and elongated mesh: approx. 0.44 x 0.67 mm
  • colorless transparent
  • good light and air permeability
  • available in multiple sizes 2.2 - 4.4 - 8.8 x 125 m and 13.2 x 100 m

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