Howitec Netting also practices top-class sports! Football, hockey and volleyball are only a selection of the sports with which Howitec distinguishes itself. Recreational, but also professional athletes know like no other that practicing sports without a firm net is like playing football without a ball.


We do have knotted and knotless netting and a long jump pit cover in our range. Howitec, nets for every goal.

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Badminton is an Olympic sport whereby a racket, a badmintonnet and a shuttlecock have a leading role.

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Nets are also used in baseball, in particular as fencing off the pitch in order to protect the audience.

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Basketball is a well-known sport and popular around the world. This fast and flashy sport uses a round, orange ball with lines.

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Beach sports

Beach sports are fast and agile sports that cannot only be played in enclosed spaces, but also finds its way in public places.

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Football is also called the sports of the people. It is the most popular team sport. Many football matches are played every week.

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Indoor football, also called futsal, needs goal nets as well. Howitec has a wide range of these indoor football goal nets.

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Different Howitec nets are also used on the golf courses, as fencing or as a driving range net. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities.

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Whether you are practising the sport at a recreational level or at international level, Howitec Netting always has the right net in stock for you.

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Hockey can be played both indoor and outdoor. Official matches usually take place in the open air.

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A new sport for everbody: that's padel, also known as paddle. Padel is typically played in doubles on an enclosed court a third the size of a tennis court.

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Protection netting

Do you have multiple playing fields or do you want to protect your neighbourhood for overflying balls, then the protection nets are essential.

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Sandpit netting

For each sandbox or sandpit we can assemble an appropriate sandpit cover, custom made. A rectangular, hexagonal or round shape, it will be no problem.

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Sport accessories

With the several types of ball-carrying nets of Howitec Netting the balls can be easily carried to the football fields. Quality is ensured!

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Sports field maintenance

Howitec has the right resources for the sustainable maintenance of the sports field, namely the Howi Green Cover.

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We have several tennis nets in our assortment, including this tennis net with double top mesh and glass fibre.

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The FIVB, the international volleyball federation, sets strict requirements for the match net used for volleyball. Our Volleyballnet meets all requirements.

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Waterpolo is a sport whereby the ball is often thrown against the net at high speed. At least, that is the intention of the game.

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