Our retail range consists mainly of pre-packed garden items for garden centers, DIY stores and large department stores. Are you interested in one of these products? Of course we can put you, as an end user, in touch with one of our dealers.

Anti-bird netting

Are you looking for an anti-bird netting that should protect the crops against the unwanted arrival of poultry? Howitec has a wide range of gardennetting.

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Garden essentials

These garden accessories are indispensable tools for every garden lover. For all these accessories you have come to the right place at Howitec.

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Gather up

To cover your cargo in your trailer or to collect your garden waste while pruning, Howitec has the right net.Take a look at our assortment.

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Harvest Netting

We have various harvest nets for harvesting nuts, acorns and other tree fruits. Nets for every purpose, that's Howitec.

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Jute items

Jute is biodegradable and 100% compostable, an environmentally friendly material. We do have various jute articles in our range.

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Plant protection

For the protection of crops against all kinds of external influences, Howitec also has a wide range of articles.

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Plant supports

Some plants need support during growth. For this, Howitec has various articles in the range.

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Covers or sleeves that are easily pulled over the plant to protect them. Howitec has a lot covers in their assortment.

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Pond and ditch maintenance

A ditch next to the house or a pond in the garden requires maintenance and/or protection. We have the right items for this.

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Rolls large format

In addition to consumer packaging, we also sell many of our nets on large rolls. Which nets? Please have a look.

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To create a wind-free or view-free place in the garden or balcony, Howitec has various options.

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Twines, ties & clips

With the aid of plant supports and the right binding wire, you ensure that your plants survive even the heaviest summer storms.

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Weed control

Weed growth or root penetration is counteracted by soil or mulch. Howitec has an extensive range

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