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Undeniably, we are dealing with climate change. As a result, we are increasingly experiencing extreme weather events, including heat and drought. Prolonged bright sun often causes direct damage to young tree crops and also stresses the plants. To prevent this, we have Howicover green in our range; the green variant of the popular multifunctional climate netting Howicover.

Howicover green is green in color and because of this the bright sunlight is filtered by about 57% and the cloth prevents the leaves from burning and drying out. In addition, this cloth has the property to protect the crop against wind, hail, larger insects, birds and field animals. Due to the low weight of approx. 38 gr/m², the material can be placed loosely on the crop so that it can grow with it. Howicover green is weather resistant and permeable to air, which prevents the risk of crop damage due to flapping.

As of today we have the following sizes in stock:
6.2 x 200 m
12.4 x 100 m
13 x 100 m (extended)

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