The 7 reasons to use insectnetting OAP88102 against the Drosophila suzukii

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The Drosophila suzukii netting Ornata Air Plus 88102:

1. Is specially developed
Our Ornata Air Plus 88102 insect screen has been specially developed to repel Drosophila suzukii. The mesh has a special mesh construction that ensures maximum light and air transmission.

2. Works preventively
By using the Ornata Air Plus 88102, the entry of insects into the plot is very limited. In contrast to the use of chemical plant protection products, the insect screen prevents the suzuki fruit fly from reaching the fruit.

3. Has a drift-reducing effect
In 2018 and 2019, the NFO in the Netherlands commissioned a study into the drift-reducing properties of the netting. This has shown that the netting reduces and slows down the outflow of air that may contain plant protection products (drift). Howitec has cooperated with this study.

4. As sides of raincover systems in cherry and soft fruit cultivation
By connecting insect netting to raincover systems, a virtually closed system can be created. Due to the special rectangular mesh of the netting, sufficient air passage is created. That is why our Ornata Air Plus 88102 insect screen is widely used in cherry and soft fruit cultivation.

5. As a side netting for grapes
The insect netting is also often used for grapes as side covering; the net is placed along the grape bushes. Especially for this application, this variant is finished with Velcro on the top and bottom. In this way it is very easy to apply (so labour-saving) and ensures a good seal.

6. Is a sustainable solution
Because the netting can be used for several years, the mesh is a sustainable solution.

7. Is the ideal alternative
There is a limited availability of chemical plant protection products against the suzukii fruit fly. At the moment there is (still) a chemical product available, but this cannot be used too much due to the risk of resistance.

View here the datasheet of the Ornata Air Plus or the datasheet of the Ornata Air Plus 88102 with Velcro.

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