Prevent sunburn on soft fruit

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Also this summer the weather experts expect many hours of sunshine and high temperatures. A good prospect, but ripening fruits are prone to sunburn. This manifests itself in white spots on the raspberries and blackberries. (see photo). This also affects the taste of this summer fruit. In addition, this heat stress impedes the development of the plant and its fruits.This results in a smaller harvest.

VINEA Sunshade net
The VINEA Sunshade net has been developed to prevent this heat stress and sunburn. This blue net is suspended above the grass track and between the caps. In this way, the bushes are protected from the intense sunlight and heat. In addition, it is just easy to handle, because it weighs only 30 gr/m².    

Details VINEA
Material: UV stabilized HDPE, tape/strap material
Weight: approx. 30 gr / m²
Colour: blue
Sizes: 0,9x250 m and 1,2x250 m
Order unit: per roll

Various fruit growers are already using this VINEA Sunshade net, to their complete satisfaction.

Would you like to include this in your assortment? We have this material in stock for you in our warehouse in Bolsward. So please contact us.

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