Prevent the young lettuce plants from being eaten

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Now that temperatures are rising, the young (lettuce) plants are growing very fast. The first plants have already been planted in many fields. And these young lettuce plants are a real delicacy for birds and especially pigeons. They usually target the heart of the lettuce plant, with the result that the entire lettuce plant can be considered as lost. It also happens that birds pull the young lettuce plants with their roots out of the ground.

To prevent this, we have developed the pigeon net Columba Light especially for lettuce cultivation. This lightweight pigeon net weighs only 25 per m², so it does not hinder the young plants during growth. The net is placed loosely over the young crop so that it can 'grow along'. The black net has a so-called V-mesh.

All these properties ensure that many lettuce growers prefer this pigeon net Columba Light. We currently have the following standard dimensions in stock:

615110 - 13x135 m
615113 - 14x135 m
615121 - 14x150 m
615111 - 16x135 m
615112 - 18x135 m

If you would like to receive sample cards for this product or if you require other information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to tell you more about it.

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