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"Howicover misleads flies"
"Covering leeks with Howicover quickly pays off"
"the purpose of this climate netting is multiple"
"good end result with covering crops against cabbage root fly"

These are just a few headlines that we have seen in the various professional- and online journals in recent years. These all related to our multifunctional climate netting Howicover.

We have been carrying this Howicover in our range since 2002. What started as a strong replacement for the fleece fabric has grown into a multifunctional climate netting that is used for many different applications. From covering an open vegetable field up to covering a football field, from covering leeks up to covering cabbage, they use our Howicover everywhere to their full satisfaction.

We have created a new, informative brochure about Howicover. In this folder you will find the complete story of this climate netting. It is about the history, pioneering in the market, the field tests and the multi-functional applications of Howicover. In short, the complete Howicover story.

You can download this folder below and use it for your own promotional purposes. 

We hope this catalog informs and supports you in your sale. If you need further technical information, please contact us and we will provide you with the technical leaflets. If you miss a product or service in the catalog, do not hesitate to ask us, we can certainly be of further service.

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