Ready for the new tennis- and padel season?

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Just a few more weeks and then the new tennis and padel season will start again.T he courts are set, the lines set, the clubs are ready. Then the balls are hit over the nettings again and the games, sets and matches will be playing on the courts. So these tennis courts have to look perfect again. So it's the right time to have the tennis nettings back in stock. Howitec has a complete range of nets for you, for both tennis and padel sports.

- tennis netting -

In our tennis range we have four different tennis nets of a strong PE quality. The differences between these four types are as following:
1. whether or not equipped with a fiberglass stick for extra strength
2. single or double top meshes
3. the finishing of the netting with band or edge line

- padel netting -

We also have the right netting for this extremely popular racket sport. The size of a padel net is smaller than a tennis net, both in height and length.

- tennis screens -

An outside tennis court is only complete with the tennis screens, or the windbreak screens. These green coloured tennis screens of 12x2 m and 18x2 m are available from stock with us. Does your customer prefer another colour or a tennisscreen printed with the logo of the sponsor? Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about it.

- tennis accessories -

To adjust the right height of a tennisnet, we do have two different adjuster straps in our range. The first variant is equipped with a PVC closure, as can also be seen in the photo above. The other variant works by means of sliding buckles. We also supply steel cables especially for tennis nets. These strong cables are 13.6 m long and have a loop so that they can easily be attached to the tennis posts.

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