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Thermo reflective shade netting

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Over the past period, with high temperatures and strong sunlight, we have received a lot of demand for thermo-reflective shade netting. Since this is a relatively new product group, we would like to bring this to your attention again.

Thermo-reflective shade netting
Thermo reflective shade netting reflect the sunlight through the white color and thus ensure lower temperatures. Besides, the addition of a light diffuser ensures better light distribution around the plants and less sunburn. All this gives better photosynthesis and less evaporation during hot days and therefore a better growth of the plants.

Two variants
We have two variants in our range, Avoida LD and Hiemalia LD. They are both thermo-reflective screen meshes, but differ in material and application. We are happy to explain it to you:

Hiemalia LD
This material is used over foil tunnels and/or as a screen in a tunnel or greenhouse. Hiemalia is made of a tape material and is available in different screening factors, namely 33% (Hiemalia LD45), 50% (Hiemalia LD78) and 56% (Hiemalia LD95). Hiemalia is available on request.

Hiemalia LD over a foil tunnel

Avoida LD
Avoida LD is used to place over a screen hall or a tunnel without foil. It is made from a combination of stronger monofilament threads and tape material. This material is also available in different screening factors, namely 32% (Avoida LD98) and 46% (Avoida LD112) Avoida is currently limited in stock.

Avoida over a tunnel

Advantages of thermo-reflective shade nets:

  • Provides lower temperatures because the white color reflects part of the infrared light
  • Better photosynthesis yield due to the lower temperatures
  • Less evaporation by the plant by regulating the temperature
  • Better photosynthesis because more PAR light is created by adding light diffuser to the strap fabric.
  • Better light scattering around the plants, so that the lower plant parts also receive light
  • Less trouble from sunburn due to the diffuse radiation
  • Reduction of vegetative damage caused by direct light
  • Higher polyphenols content of fruits and vegetables thus better antioxidant effect

If you would like to receive sample cards of this product or if you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be pleased to tell you more about it.

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