We are moving to Joure

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At the end of last year we informed our relations about thestart of the construction of our new building in Joure. Meanwhile, theconstruction is in a final phase and we are preparing for the move. Quite anoperation because the warehouse, our workshop and the office environment willbe moved.

Deliveries at the end of June

We have reserved the last 2 weeks of June for this move. Ofcourse we do our utmost to continue to serve you as well as possible duringthese 2 weeks. During this short period we operate from two locations. There istherefore the possibility that deliveries may be slightly delayed. If that’sthe case, we will of course inform you about this.

Friday 1 July closed

On Friday 1 July we move our office environment, on this daywe are closed. For any emergency situations, we can be reached by telephone.

New address:

From Monday 4 July our new address is:

Morseweg 9,

8503 AH Joure

The Netherlands

Phone: 085-11 29 000

Stay informed

Howitec Netting BV

Morseweg 9
8503 AH Joure,
The Netherlands

Phone: + 31 85 11 29 000
Email: info@howitec.nl
Web: www.howitec.nl

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