Winterizing the garden

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Prepare your garden for winter?
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In October, most people start to winterize their garden. Besides others, trees and hedges need to be pruned and container plants must be protected from the cold. In short, there is plenty to do.

We have the right equipment for these activities.

Putaba Hedge Clipping Sheet:

Just before the winter starts, hedges, shrubs and (some) trees need to be pruned. Adding a sheet such as the Putaba pruning mat under the area of the hedge where you are working makes it easy to dispose of the hedge trimmings when the job is finished. The mat is 2x4 meters and is made of a dense strap fabric and comes in a luxury carrying bag with zipper.

CUPA Winter Cover:

The Cupa Winter Cover protects the tub-, and other plants against frost, wind and drying out. The beige-colored thick fleece has a drawstring at the bottom and can thus be easily attached to the pot. The Cupa winter cover is available in four different sizes, varying between 0.6x0.8 m and 2x2.4 m and in three different thicknesses. In addition, the two largest sizes are equipped with a zipper on the sides, so applying the cover over the big plant is even easier.

Tuba Tubulair Fleece:

The Tuba Tubulair Fleece is widely used to protect tub and pot plants against weather influences, such as cold, hail and hard rains. The tubular fleece has a diameter of 75 cm and a length of 10 meters. The fleece can therefore be used for multiple plants and cut to any desired size. It is made of a soft non-woven material that does not damage the plants.

In addition to the above garden nets, we have a wide range of nets, screens, gazes and other garden items for the hobby gardener. Take a look at our website where you can find all the information about our products.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to tell you more.

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