Bracca Plus Harvest Netting

Nets are also used for harvesting, in particular, tree seeds and nuts. The use of the Bracca Plus Eye Net is very useful for this. The fine-mesh net has a notch up to the middle of the net and is therefore very easy to lay the trunk of the tree. The tree fruits, such as acorns and nuts, are harvested as soon as they are ripe and thus fall down from the husks. This usually takes about 2-3 weeks. At that time, place the Bracca Plus under the tree so that the nuts fall onto the net. In this way they can be collected very easily. In addition, you prevent it from lying too long in the too wet grass and thus prevent mold formation.

Reinforced all around

The Bracca Plus harvest net is available on request in sizes 6x6 m and 10x10 m. All nets are equipped with a seam and reinforced rings in the corners. In this way you can secure the net properly and it cannot flap or blow away. All nets are made in green and it can easily be placed on the ground / in the grass. Even after a while, this product will still have the quality you are used to from us. Ask for the product specifications or contact us without obligation.


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6x6 m
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Bracca Plus Harvest Netting
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Bracca Plus Harvest Netting
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