Vaspa Wasp/hail Netting

Making wine is a meticulous process. It all starts with the cultivation of grapes. These small oval fruits are a true delicacy, but also several birds and insects like to eat the grapes. Viniculture Net Vinea offers the solution when you want to prevent feeding damage. The net repels birds and wasps in grapes and besides it protects the grapes from intense sun rays and heat.

Optimal protection

These green nets are made of a strong monofilament and are available in a variety of sizes. The nets are stretched along the grape bushes at the level of the grape bunches. This green net must then be attached to the tension wires with net hooks. In this way, the grapes are optimally protected and thus have the opportunity to ripen optimally. In addition to this green variant, we also have a Vaspa with Velcro in our range. This net is very easy to attach with Velcro. Opt for more quantity and a more mature harvest and order this wasp net Vaspa! If you want more information about this product, you can always contact us. We are happy to tell you more about the use of winegrowing nets.


Article nr.
1x250 m
turquoise green
shading 17%
45x25 mm
fastening clip

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Vaspa Wasp/hail Netting
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Vaspa Wasp/hail Netting
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